About us

CONCRETAN is a member of the current ETAN group of Companies. ETAN has been serving concrete Structures for more than 50 years in terms of Structural Design of outstanding Concrete Structures, Structural Repair and Retrofitting of existing Structures and Precast Technology. Representative projects completed during this long space of time include


  • Structural Design of three Precast Post-stressed Bridges in the Motorway Korinthos – Patra.
  • Structural Design of the Cylindrical Shell Roof of SIDMA SA. Thessaloniki

1970-81: Among Numerous (approx.200) Structural Design Projects of Bridges, Tunnels, Prestressed and Precast Concrete Structures, and Repair and Retrofitting of Load Bearing Structures designed in this period, are:

  • Rymnio High Bridge 615m long
  • The Main Sewer of Athens
  • Rehabilitation of Ancient Knossos Palace in Crete
  • Structural repair of the byzantine Saint Sofia Church in Thessaloniki

1982-1990: Among the approx.3000 Structural Repair and Retrofitting Projects carried out this period in Greece, and 50 in the Emirate of Bahrain, are:

  • The National Theater of Athens,
  • The historic Building of Presidency of Greek Republic,
  • The Dry Dock of Skaramangas Shipyards,
  • The Ypapanti Cathedral of Kalamata,
  • Stop of leakage of Yliki Reservoir (the Reservoir of Athens water supply network),
  • The ASRY Ship and Repair Yard in Bahrain.

1991-2009: Approximately 800 Precast Concrete Multistory Buildings, Hangars and Churches are designed and built in Greece, Albania and Cyprus


  • New Queen Alia International Airport, Amman, Jordan. Design and Construction of the emblematic Precast Concrete Shell Roof,
  • 299 Precast Concrete School Buildings of one to three floors across IRAQ (Project Stopped by Al Quaida and then by ISIS).
  • Design Project of residential Tower with five Basements and 39 Floors in Doha, Qatar
  • Development and Certification by CNERRIB, the Algerian Certification Body, of multistory Precast Concrete Building Technology of ETAN Group for Construction of up to 15 floor Precast Concrete Buildings in the Country.

Current CONCRETAN Engineering team involves

  • An Architect, with more than 30-year Experience in Design of Precast Concrete Structures
  • Four Structural Engineers, among whom two Ph.D holders in Concrete Technology (one of them for 15 years member of the Academic Staff of Concrete Institute of National Technical University Athens)

As a matter of fact, our Engineering team permanently devoted to Growth by Excellence and Innovation, ensures the best Service to our Customers.